Book Reviews

God is Good – He’s better than you think

by Bill Johnson

In a world of fear, disease, crisis and hopelessness, what you believe about God’s goodness reveals how you will respond to trials and circumstances of everyday life.

This book helps you build your life on the solid foundation of God’s goodness.

This book is available in the Resource Area, Pat Fenton


There are 12,000 children in the UK in need of adoptive and foster parents. Each child’s story is unique – but they all need help. Who will foster them? Will anyone adopt them? How can they find a home for good?

As part of the nationwide joint campaign by the Evangelical Alliance and Care for the Family, Krish Kandiah and his wife Miriam explore the realities of adoption and fostering both from their own experience and that of others, and explain how the church is uniquely placed to help.

The real life stories they share clearly show the joy and fulfilment – as well as the challenges – that adoption and fostering bring to all involved.

This book is available in the Resource Area