Book Review


Alister McGrath

Recently, when delivering the Church Newsletter, someone didn’t want to read it because he believed in ‘physics’.   Sadly, for many years some people have tried to undermine Christian confidence by saying that, ‘science’, as they understood it, has fatally undermined Christian beliefs.   Happily, it hasn’t and wont, and blessedly for us, Alister McGrath, one of the world’s leading authorities on science and religion, has written a sparky and sparkling book that explores the question, “What if science and faith (actually) enrich each other?”

The book is sparky because McGrath calls a spade a spade when engaging with pseudo ‘science’, and sparkling because he conveys complex ideas with freshness and clarity.   One reviewer describes him as “a crackling story teller”.   In doing so he clears the fog that can cause Christians to wonder if they really can be sure of one of the foundations they stand on.  There are big questions around science and faith and all sorts of people have strong opinions.   Do Dawkins and his ‘new atheists friends’ really know what they are talking about?    This book help us to separate fact from fiction, to become clear about our own thinking, and confident enough to engage in discussion with all and sundry.

Book Group plan to discuss the book on 8th October.   You will be welcome to join us.   There is a copy of Inventing the Universe you can borrow in St Mark’s library.   It will be helpful to have read some of it if you can, but feel free to come anyway.
For further information chat to John Carey or John Sargent.