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Rhythms of Grace

by Tony Horsfall (2 covers available)

This was recommended and chosen as the first book that our brand NEW Book Group would focus on.

The book’s sub-title is “Finding intimacy with God in a busy life”. It was thought that we could all find something here to encourage us and though our initial group are all retired folk we still class ourselves as busy!

The author is a freelance writer and retreat leader and was for years based at nearby Bawtry Hall. He says in the Introduction: “Coming from an evangelical and charismatic background,” That’s us at St. Mark’s by and large, isn’t it?

He identifies so many busy Christians who ought to read the wisdom he has gathered in this slim and so easy to read book – a guide book, in fact. Tony says that two Jesus words are ‘Come’ and ‘Go’; the former speaking of intimacy and the second of activity. Every disciple of Jesus needs a balance of both and so many churches are dominated by activity at the cost of intimacy – there are only so many hours in the day!

So, reasons to get this book:

  • It’s beautifully laid out – a nice book in a nice font
  • It’s aim is clear – to help widen and deepen our worship experience  – we can all benefit
  • Short chapters – ideal for one a day
  • Easy fluent style
  • Skilfully divided into sections: Come to me, Recovering Life, Learn from me, Get away with me, Keep company with me, etc.
  • Therefore, easy reference – “Where’s that chapter on Silence?” – “Ssssh!”
  • You can get it for about £7 – or download it
  • Our Vicar bought one without knowing we had – now, if that isn’t a sign…..

I fully recommend this to you, John Sargent

This book is available in the Resource Area