Book Review

“Saying YES to life” by Ruth Valerio   published by SPCK

 This is ABC’s Lent Book for 2020 so may I join him in recommending this excellent book to you in good time for you to be reading it in Lent. Be assured, it will not add to your list of self-imposed suffering! Rather it will lighten your condition and your load. 

Having read Elisha’s review of “L is for Lifestyle” I borrowed it from the Church library in an attempt to become greener. I agreed with Elisha and also that reading is dangerous – it can change the way you think ! So, I then borrowed “Just Living” – also in the library and even better, putting theological, philosophical and scientific flesh on the bones!! Ruth Valerio has a family and a home and smallholding to run. She is a green female theologian and a great communicator who sees no argument between science and faith for the truth seeker. I am delighted to have come across this encouraging fellow traveller who has her feet planted firmly on the same ground as me. 

Surely a book has to be special for Justin Welby to want us all to read it? Well, this one is worthy if any are. In her latest book Ruth describes what it means to be human and, in particular, to be a follower of Jesus. She attempts to lift our vision from the narrow, the everyday and our routine concerns to see our world as God intended. How He wants us – his people created in His image – to see our Earth and to live on and enjoy it whilst looking after it….better than we are at present! A real case of ‘All Involved’ and each doing ‘their bit’. 

Ruth takes the days of creation to encourage us to think about light, water, flora and fauna and our own being: created in God’s image. Good stuff with experiences, stories and examples from around our country and all over the world. 

There are some questions and prayers at the end of each chapter along with an impressive list of source material and websites for us to check out. Archbishop Justin describes this book as “perfect for individuals and groups to think, reflect, pray and be challenged together”. That’s us then! 

You can now be obedient to The ABC and get this book direct from publishers SPCK for £9.99 or from super-green Amazon for under £7. Another dilemma…..?! 

John Sargent