Book Review

Following Jesus – Henri Nouwen

A suggested book to explore whilst we await an opportunity to discuss, delight in, or disagree about!

‘Following Jesus – Finding our way home in an age of anxiety’ by Henri Nouwen is the suggested book. This reaches and enriches our being more deeply than most other books – and “refreshes”. It scratches where spiritual seekers itch (perhaps reveals itches we didn’t even know we had) and invites us to both understand why we itch (e.g. why we are not as happy as we want to be) and what to do about it. Nouwen has a worldwide reputation as an insightful and reliable spiritual guide. He’s both gentle and straight talking, and whilst his book welcomes and encourages all of us, we are also asked to think and pray, and perhaps rethink our understanding of the depths of our Lord’s teaching, and the spiritual riches and costs involved. (e.g. I had to reconfigure my understanding of ‘joy’). This is a helpful map towards finding the ‘life in all its fullness’ that Jesus talked about. One reviewer said, ‘I recommend this book with all my heart’.

It’s cheaper on Kindle but the physical book is really well produced.   The publisher is SPCK. On this occasion please order your own copy if you possibly can. For more info phone John C (0115 9654566) or John S (07850 677618).