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We believe we are all one in Jesus, and so we support the mission of our brothers and sisters around the world.

The Anglican Church of Burundi

EAB Press from Burundi – March 2024

Burundi Sunday Appeal – October 2023
Each year we hold ‘Burundi Sunday’ services where our focus is on this small country in Central Africa who we have had links with since the mid 70’s.  Part of our Burundi Sunday is an appeal to raise money to help them with projects and I am delighted to tell you that this year we have raised just over £2,635

The two projects they identified as needing help with i.e.

  • Providing Cement, Doors and windows for Gakwende Sub-parish 
  • Building improved latrines and provide water at Gahosha Parish. 

Gakwende sub-parish

Food Crisis Appeal
A special appeal to help with the food crisis was held in January and raised over £1,600 which has now been sent to them to help with their situation.
Update – 108 families facing food crisis have been assisted with food items in the Parishes of Gahosha & Ngagara by supplying Rice, Beans, Palm Oil and Red Onions. This initiative has been with the support of fellow brothers and Sisters from St Mark’s Nottingham in UK.
The full article can be read in the EAB Press at the top of this page

Pray for Burundi

Please continue to pray for the safety of Burundi as political frustration is rising internally and externally. As we are approaching elections next year, unrest can break out.  Your prayers for Burundi are highly appreciated

Thank you for your support in making it happen!

Our links with Burundi
St Mark’s partnership with Burundi started in the 1970’s with a commitment to pray for the Church and the country.
We continue that link today in various ways but particularly through our support of two parishes, St Mark’s, Ngagara and St Mark’s, Gahosha.

St Mark’s, Gahosha in Makamba
St Mark’s, Ngagara in Bujumbura

You can find out more at www.anglicanburundi.org, where there is also a link to the Facebook page.

Our CMS (Church Mission Society) link mission partner in Guatemala.

Azaria & David – Marriage Blessing
On February 17th, 2 members of representing St Mark’s, attended the joyous occasion of the marriage blessing for Azaria and David at St Michael’s, Bramcote.

They had been in England for several weeks whilst David received training from CMS in order to work alongside Azaria working for families and children in Guatamala. 

After a honeymoon in Italy, Azaria and David are now back in Guatamala beginning their married life together and their work for the Lord. 

Please pray for Azaria and David as they begin married life and discern how God wants to use them together.  Pray for Azaria as she continues to support and resource mentors and works with families in vulnerable communities.  Pray for David as he explores new ways to serve through music, worship and discipleship. 

Other prayer points: 

  • Join me in giving thanks for my work with SOMOS and the team I work with. 
  • Pray for the mentors and the children and young people in the homes. 
  • Please also pray for the vulnerable community and the mum’s activity. 

You can find out more through her new blog site: https://azaria.blog/

Welcoming Ukrainian Refugees
St Mark’s is part of the Welcoming Churches network.
If you are considering signing up to host Ukrainian refugees you can register your interest, which is not binding, at https://homesforukraine.campaign.gov.uk

Visit www.ukrainewelcome.org or talk to Pat Fenton.