Link with The Province of The Anglican Church Of Burundi

logo-eebThe partnership link between St. Mark’s and the Anglican Church of Burundi was established at the beginning of 1976 through an exchange of letters and a commitment to prayer. Friendships built up over the years have resulted in visits to and from Burundi.

One member of St. Mark’s worked in Burundi from 2001, returning in 2013 helpiing the Province in the area of communication. Each year we hold a service known as ‘Burundi Sunday’ which gives the congregation at St. Mark’s an opportunity to remember in prayer the needs and challenges of the Anglican Church in Burundi and to contribute financially towards one of its projects.

Two parishes in Burundi are now named after St Mark’s in appreciation of practical support that has been given.

The Province has existed through hard times of war, poverty, and immense human suffering but it continues in its mission to share the Gospel, encourage and nurture Christians, and serve the community.

As part of our 50th birthday celebrations in 2012, Philip Thomas, our Vicar at the time and Alan Stuart, a Lay Reader, visited Burundi in July, this is the first visit by a resident incumbent since the link was established. Pauline Thomas, the wife of Philip was also there in the Autumn of 2012 with Flame International.

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