Book Review

Unleashed: The Acts Church Today

This book unpacks the theme of Spring Harvest 2020 which was available to watch on YouTube.

The authors are amongst the online speakers and if you missed it live it is still available and well worth watching whilst we have nothing to do in this lock-down period!!

I found the book gripping and inspiring. It is packed with biblical insights about how the early church in Acts inspires us to be all the Lord wants his church to be today. The authors skilfully unleash the power of the Gospel, the potential of the Church and the possibilities of the age in which we live. It explores topics such as The Holy Spirit in the life of the Church, taking risks, living together in the power of the Spirit, works and wonders, hearing from God and miracles then and now.

I found this book spiritually challenging and very practical and would thoroughly recommend it. It can be downloaded from Amazon for £5.03 or £6.74 in paperback.

 – Sue Leek